June 9, 2009

Cant believe youre 2!!

She kinda has a sweet tooth like somebody I know!! (okay, so its me!)
Mrs. Potato Head from her big bro and a cradle for her babies from mommy and daddy
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Mechelle said...

Yay LillyAnne! What a cutie-patutie!

Life in the circus said...

Man, these little ones grow so fast! And what is that thing in Lilly's mouth?! ;) Happy Birthday LillyAnne!

Kaela said...

Adorable! Can't believe how time flies!! She looks like she has the cutest personality and I bet she and Eli have so much fun together!

love my family said...

I can't believe I missed her birthday. I hope she'll forgive me. It's hard to believe she's two already. Happy Birthday LilyAnne. Grandpa loves you!!