November 25, 2007

Olive Boy

I totally caught Eli snatching olives from the veggie tray. The funny thing is how he steals them by putting his finger in the holes. I left and by the time I came back he had eaten almost a whole can of olives!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Lilly with her cousin Adam. They are only 2 months apart, hopefully they will be best buds.
Lilly with her Great Grandma (my dad's mom)

We tried really hard to get a good picture of the grandsons together. This is probably the best one that turned out. Eli, Charlie, Dillon, Calvin (on the couch) and Adam and Ethan (in front)
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Oh Lilly!

Lilly loves her Bumbo most of the time. Today was not one of those days. She is a high maintainance girl and always strives for attention...or else...Well, here is a little taste of what I go through. Notice her working it!

November 14, 2007

Bath night, Prepare to get drenched!

So, bath nights are pretty stressful on my part. Usually it begins with me starting the water in the big bathtub for Eli. I get him in and while thats filling up, I get Lilly's bathtub filled on the counter. I go get her in the tub and turn Eli's water off. I bathe her and then get her out, dried, and dressed. I then bathe Eli and get him out, dried and dressed. By this time, I need a shower because Im drenched and sweaty!

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Squishy Face

I always crack up when Eli blows on the shower door. Of course he cracks up too when I blow back!
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Usually we result in Pruney feet by the time we get out of the tub

Finally, we have bathtime success and are in our jammies!!
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Like Mother, Like Daughter

I was going through some of my baby pictures and came across this picture. I obviously was a little bit older than LillyAnne but I was pretty amazed. We even have the same tuft of hair in the back that sticks up! I still need to upload some of Brants so we can compare him and Eli. It always just amazes me to think that my kids are actually mine but what amazes me even more is that they look so much like us. They are a part of us- It is awesome!
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November 9, 2007


So I dont know if Eli could look any more like his daddy. He is definitely a mini Brant!
Posted by PicasaEveryone has been telling me that Lilly looks a lot like me, I guess we will see the older she gets. She is SO cute!

November 7, 2007

Let's get Together

For the longest time I was worried to have another baby. I thought Eli would hate it and start acting like a terror. They love eachother! Now that Lilly reacts more and smiles and laughs, he loves it even more. They are TOO CUTE!Posted by Picasa

Its so good to have friends

Audrey, Tyler and LillyAnne
These are Lilly's first friends. Last year we found out that all of the Young Mens Presidency had wives that were pregnant. We were a little nervous when the boys volunteered us to make Sunday dinners but we instantly became good friends. We had our babies all in the month of June. Lilly on the first, Audrey right in the middle and Tyler at the very end. This is the one of the first pictures we got with all of them after they were born. It was quite the event. How many adults does it take to get 3 babies to smile? Well, 6 wasnt quite enough...obviouslyPosted by Picasa

Keep on Rollin'

LillyAnne has been rolling like crazy. She is getting pretty darn good at it now. For a while she would automatically go onto her tummy but then get stuck there and proceed to get mad. Now she rolls across the room. She loves being able to move! Mommy, not so much.
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I made it!

Mission Complete! She is so happy when she is a victorious roller.
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Pumpkin Guts

Eli is so funny...He hates getting his hands dirty! Its probably my fault just because I always used to keep a wet rag at the table so I could wipe his hands if things got really messy. We practically had to force him to put his hand in the pumpkin! As you can see, he would pick out 1 or 2 seeds at a time to avoid getting any pumpkin guts on his hands. But he did it!
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Happy Halloween

Instead of letting Eli have a knife to carve his pumpkin, we got creative with paint, pipe cleaners and puff balls. It came out just the way Eli wanted...MESSY!Posted by Picasa

The Pumpkin Patch

This year we found a great pumpkin patch in Poulsbo. By the time we went though, most of the pumpkins were cut and ready to buy. Luckily we found some to take pictures with. This is definitely something we will do every year!
Brant, Eli and LillyAnne

Eli found his pumpkin. Um, do you think its big enough?