December 30, 2007

T-Shirts for Charlie!

We are doing a mass fundraiser for my nephew Charlie! He is 5 years old and is fighting cancer. It is a big financial burden, of course, and because of that- we are selling T-Shirts to help as much as we can. They are awesome shirts and they fit Charlie to a "T"!! ( I just made that up) Anyway, you can check them out on his blog ("Charlie", obviously). The sizes and all the other info is also on there. Its a great opportunity to come together and make just a little bit of difference in someone's life.

December 18, 2007

Ive been tagged! (Thanks Annie!)

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. On the dance/drill team
2. hanging out with my friends
3. waiting to get my drivers license
4. always talking on the phone
5. stressing my parents out!

5 Things on my to-do list today

1. wrap presents
2. finish making presents and send them out
3. make chocolate covered pretzels
4. go visiting teaching
5. finish Christmas cards

5 Snacks I enjoy

1. smoothies!
2. chocolate (which I cant have because of Lilly)
3. grapefruit
4. cookies
5. brownies (again with the chocolate!)

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire

1. pay off parent's debt
2. buy a house
3. buy a bigger car
4. travel everywhere!
5. quit my job

3 of my bad habits:

1. putting too much on my 'to do' list
2. interrupting Brant in the middle of his story
3. getting really impatient

5 places I have lived

1. Bremerton, WA
2. Philippines
3. Provo, UT
4. Seattle, WA
5. Lynnwood, WA

5 Jobs I’ve had

1. Noah's Ark Restaurant
2. JoAnn's Etc.
3. Rite Aid
4. Blimpies Subs
5. Gene Juarez
6. Kenneth L Salon (so I added one!)

5 Things people probably don’t know about me

1. I am really scared to death of bees
2. Ive never even been stung by a bee!
3. I too am claustrophobic and freak out in tight spaces or even in stores like Costco when its super busy. (Brant hates shopping with me when its busy!)
4. I am in the process of starting a photography business with my sisters
5. I am in love with sleep!

I tag, Summer Chandler, Kaela Fisher, Michelle Bierman, Diana Holyoak, Jill Holyoak

Yay for solid food!

I dont know what it is but I have been stalling with this whole solid food thing. With Eli, I was counting the days for 6 months so I could give him cereal and now here Lilly is almost 7 months and we are just getting into the groove of things. Oh well, someday I will realize how fast time is really flying!

My favorite part of the whole thing is watching Brant open his mouth while feeding her. It is so hilarious!
Posted by PicasaOh the after is always the funnest!

Jump, Jump!!

I love the jumpers! And obviously, Lilly does too. We usually put her in it while we are eating at the dinner table. She can hang with us (literally) and we can eat really fast (literally) before she realizes she isnt getting the attention she deserves!

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December 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Eli!!

Eli's Birthday is actually on the 22nd but we decided to have it on the 2nd instead. We dont have any signs of Christmas in our house yet so it could really feel like a Birthday party. We had some family over for dinner and cake. I had a scare that morning when we woke up to it dumping snow outside! It finally started raining as it usually does after our snowfalls but then it turned into a brutal windstorm. I took Eli out of nursery early so we could go home and get dinner going. I was putting him into the car when the wind started blowing my skirt everywhere! Im sure everyone got a great view. I was getting frustrated with Eli since he was taking his sweet time getting into his carseat so I snapped at him -he started crying. All this was happening while the wind still was blowing my skirt! Oh did I mention we got the closest parking spot to the church! All of the sudden Eli starts throwing up! EVERYWHERE! I didnt know what to do! Is this really happening? Of course he was fine after but could anything else happen? Luckily the power stayed on!
Im 3 years old! Well, not technically
Its crazy the difference between 2 and 3 years old. Eli blew out his candles all by himself this year!
We got some books, Mr. Potato Head, P.J.s, Playdoe and some Little Einstein stuff!
Me, my sister Melenda and her daughter Brittney. They are so much fun!Posted by Picasa

2 New Milestones!

I dont know what it is about this kid. Eli was still rolling at his first Birthday so it is so much different to me to have a kid who cant and wont just sit still! As you can see, she is trying really hard to get on her hands and knees! Her belly has been leaving the floor quite often and it is making me really nervous. Im definitely not encouraging this one!
Our newest thing as of the end of November is sitting up. She loves to be able to sit there and get a new view of things. She occasionally falls over but its one of those slow motion things so she doesnt slam her head into the ground anymore- thank goodness!
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November 25, 2007

Olive Boy

I totally caught Eli snatching olives from the veggie tray. The funny thing is how he steals them by putting his finger in the holes. I left and by the time I came back he had eaten almost a whole can of olives!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Lilly with her cousin Adam. They are only 2 months apart, hopefully they will be best buds.
Lilly with her Great Grandma (my dad's mom)

We tried really hard to get a good picture of the grandsons together. This is probably the best one that turned out. Eli, Charlie, Dillon, Calvin (on the couch) and Adam and Ethan (in front)
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Oh Lilly!

Lilly loves her Bumbo most of the time. Today was not one of those days. She is a high maintainance girl and always strives for attention...or else...Well, here is a little taste of what I go through. Notice her working it!

November 14, 2007

Bath night, Prepare to get drenched!

So, bath nights are pretty stressful on my part. Usually it begins with me starting the water in the big bathtub for Eli. I get him in and while thats filling up, I get Lilly's bathtub filled on the counter. I go get her in the tub and turn Eli's water off. I bathe her and then get her out, dried, and dressed. I then bathe Eli and get him out, dried and dressed. By this time, I need a shower because Im drenched and sweaty!

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Squishy Face

I always crack up when Eli blows on the shower door. Of course he cracks up too when I blow back!
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Usually we result in Pruney feet by the time we get out of the tub

Finally, we have bathtime success and are in our jammies!!
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Like Mother, Like Daughter

I was going through some of my baby pictures and came across this picture. I obviously was a little bit older than LillyAnne but I was pretty amazed. We even have the same tuft of hair in the back that sticks up! I still need to upload some of Brants so we can compare him and Eli. It always just amazes me to think that my kids are actually mine but what amazes me even more is that they look so much like us. They are a part of us- It is awesome!
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November 9, 2007


So I dont know if Eli could look any more like his daddy. He is definitely a mini Brant!
Posted by PicasaEveryone has been telling me that Lilly looks a lot like me, I guess we will see the older she gets. She is SO cute!

November 7, 2007

Let's get Together

For the longest time I was worried to have another baby. I thought Eli would hate it and start acting like a terror. They love eachother! Now that Lilly reacts more and smiles and laughs, he loves it even more. They are TOO CUTE!Posted by Picasa

Its so good to have friends

Audrey, Tyler and LillyAnne
These are Lilly's first friends. Last year we found out that all of the Young Mens Presidency had wives that were pregnant. We were a little nervous when the boys volunteered us to make Sunday dinners but we instantly became good friends. We had our babies all in the month of June. Lilly on the first, Audrey right in the middle and Tyler at the very end. This is the one of the first pictures we got with all of them after they were born. It was quite the event. How many adults does it take to get 3 babies to smile? Well, 6 wasnt quite enough...obviouslyPosted by Picasa

Keep on Rollin'

LillyAnne has been rolling like crazy. She is getting pretty darn good at it now. For a while she would automatically go onto her tummy but then get stuck there and proceed to get mad. Now she rolls across the room. She loves being able to move! Mommy, not so much.
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I made it!

Mission Complete! She is so happy when she is a victorious roller.
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Pumpkin Guts

Eli is so funny...He hates getting his hands dirty! Its probably my fault just because I always used to keep a wet rag at the table so I could wipe his hands if things got really messy. We practically had to force him to put his hand in the pumpkin! As you can see, he would pick out 1 or 2 seeds at a time to avoid getting any pumpkin guts on his hands. But he did it!
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