June 28, 2009

Go WWU!!

Brant finished at Western Washington University!!! We drove up to Bellingham for his graduation ceremony- it is a relief that this part is over. Now on to the next- grad school!!
I let Eli borrow my point and shoot camera while I used my other one with the good zoom lens- these are some of the pictures that we ended up with. I do have to say- he's pretty good with a camera! :)

We had Brant's little sis and her hubby come up from Arizona for graduation. He was glad that they were able to come up. Thanks Lish- it means a lot!!
I am such a dork but I really think that this is a huge deal. I mean, its college!! Anyway, I got him the roses and that huge gigantic balloon while we were in Bellingham for the ceremony but the rest was waiting at home for him.
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More graduation

The receiving of his diploma- The funniest part is that darn tassle that was on top of his head like the whole time!!
The turning of the tassle- It is official!!
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June 17, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

I love my kids, I really do. I decided to post just a few of my favorite things....
I love love love and am very jealous of LillyAnnes beautiful, curly hair! Even the color is amazing!
I also really love Lil's teeth! Gap and all!! The best part of it is her lisp that comes along with it! I sometimes make her say words with the letter 'S' just to hear it!
Eli is my little love muffin! He loves to cuddle and kiss you and tell you that he loves you! His personality is SO funny! He takes care of his sister and always tries to make her laugh. Here he is doing a little "acting" while walking!
This is my favorite picture of us. For one, he took the picture himself with my help of course. And second, what the heck is he doing!? I do love those baby blues!!

June 16, 2009

Miss Lilly...

Well, she is finally 2 and I am finally getting to her pictures! I got so many of her but here are just some of my faves!

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The kids...

I am really going to have to take them out again and get some better ones of the 2 of them. Both were pretty emotional and not wanting to sit still for anything!!

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My little Man

I FINALLY took the kids out to do pictures! (Inspired by you Jill!) Eli has definitely entered an awkward stage, especially with pictures but I do what I can!!

I LOVE this picture!!
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June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

I seriously had an awesome Birthday this year! I am so grateful for wonderful friends and my determination that my dad blessed me with to fulfill dreams that I have. I went with my friends to Port Angeles the night before my Birthday and rented a hotel. We asked the hotel girl where an Italian restaurant was and she then gave us some directions... Um hello!! Bella Italia!!
I of course was freaking excited! Could it get any better!?
Diane and me
Rachelle and me
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My Half Marathon

These girls I work with at my salon. I love them and have a ton of fun with them! The one in pink is Diane and she ran a half marathon back in November and REALLY wanted to run one. But with my asthma, November in Washington is not a good time for me to run 13.1 miles!! And so we decided June 7th, my Birthday!! What a perfect time!
These are some pictures of right before the race...I was freaking out a little, okay, ALOT!
These are some of during the race. The kids and Brant met me at mile 8 1/2 to cheer me on and then at the finish line. I was seriously moved to tears as I ran. I have come so far in training for this and here I was doing it!! It felt really good...Rachelle came in at 2 hours 20 min., and then me at 2 hours and 40 min., and then Diane at 3 hours! Wierd how we were all 20 minutes apart!
A few of after. I felt really dizzy after I stopped running so they put me on a table to eat some oranges and get hydrated! Did you notice my number? 2728!? It was on my Birthday. I was 27 and turning 28 on that day!! Crazy huh!? Brant pointed that out to me, this race was totally mine!
I finished!! And now on to the next!
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Cant believe youre 2!!

She kinda has a sweet tooth like somebody I know!! (okay, so its me!)
Mrs. Potato Head from her big bro and a cradle for her babies from mommy and daddy
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