November 29, 2009

For the love!

I love these sweet faces!
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My final for class

For my final at college, I had to create a magazine ad...My teacher is nowhere near specific so I have no idea if this is anything close to what she was asking but I guess I will find out this week!!
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November 12, 2009

Eli's sacrament talk

This was taken during a practice for the primary sacrament program last Sunday. He is so funny!! Hes a mumbler like his daddy!! Ill translate for you "Can I say brothers and sisters? Brothers and Sisters, Fathers preside over, provide for and protect the family. Mothers nurture the family......amen" Thanks Jenny for taping this for me!!

October 14, 2009

October 7, 2009

Best Buds Forever!

These guys are so stinkin cute together!! Macey and Lilly are actually going to be in the same grade but Eli and Macey adore eachother and have so much fun together. It will be interesting to see if they like eachother later when girls and boys have cooties! I think that they will remain friends for a long time! Or at least I hope!!
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My little Man started preschool and he could not be more excited about it! He LOVES school! He has a friend named Ethan that he hangs out with and it happens to be the son of one of my very good friends all through Junior High and High School! Am I really that old!?

The sun was really bright so he is hating me at the moment because I am trying to take his picture!! :) Thats what moms are for!!
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Seattle Aquarium

For our last outing before Eli and I started school, we took the kids to the aquarium. Its a pretty small one but they have a lot of touch areas which the kids didnt really like! They got a little freaked out by it but they loved looking at everything. They had seals, otters, a ton of birds and fish. They have done quite a bit to that place since I had been there last- it was a ton of fun!

Can you believe how tall these kids are! It amazes me that Eli is almost 4 feet tall!!
This lasted a whole 2 minutes for Lilly and about 20 minutes for Eli! They looked like a blob of blue when we got home!
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This is seriously one of the coolest places! It is the most giant jungle gym ever!! The kids LOVE it! They have mini golf, big giant inflatable things that they can climb in and jump around in! They have an arcade section and a place where you can eat! Its in Lacey so its a bit of a drive but my sister lives over there so the kids can go play there! They dont ever stop talking about it!

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Happy Birthday Brant!!

Seeing as how Brant's Bday was in AUGUST!! I thought I would finally post it! I had been at Girls Camp all week before his birthday but left early so that I could make it for at least the last half of it!! I didnt feel right leaving the kids out of it since I had been gone all week so because Brant is such an awesome dad, he chose Chuck E Cheese!! One of Eli's most favorite places on earth! They had a blast!!

Then of course, we went a few blocks over to DQ!! I think the kids really died and went to heaven!! Chuck E Cheese and DQ all in one day!?

You cant go wrong with $1.50 ice cream sundaes!!
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Pink Concert

I went to see Pink with my BFF and LOVED it!! I would see her again in concert any day!!
Notice how freakin ripped she is! Amazing!

She hung from this and sang one of her slow songs. It was so crazy when they opened up the floor of the stage, dipped her down below and she came up dripping with water!!
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August 23, 2009

August 12, 2009

This is only a sneak peak Kristen!

These are the only ones you get to see until Im done with them!! I hope you like them! Thank you again for letting me do your wedding!!

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July 23, 2009

Eli and Lilly

I finally took them out and got better pictures of them!! I love these little monsters!!

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