October 31, 2008


We were invited to a potluck with our friends for Halloween. Unfortunately, Brant is out of town but I decided to go and let the kids have fun with their friends and I too with my friends. It was in a nice, safe neighborhood with lots of houses! And tons of kids! It was a true Halloween night with the fog and everything!

There were a lot of kids just in our bunch but it was great. Lilly, by the way, is not a cow- she is a panda bear! And if one more person calls her a cow, I will punch them out!! :)
Notice Lilly not being shy about helping herself to some candy!
Eli was really funny, it took him a while to realize...say "trick or treat", recieve the candy, say "thank you" and then WALK AWAY! He would just stand there and wait. Um, dude, they arent going to give you more! WALK AWAY!! It was hilarious, he got it by the end thank goodness...
The Loot!
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Halloween at work!

So yes, I was Strawberry Shortcake! And yes, we made this costume too! But no, my hair is not red again!
Edward Scissorhands, me, Sandra Dee, an 80's chick, Dorothy and a flapper!
The funny thing it, Rachelle is really from Kansas!! Born and raised!
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Trunk or Treat!!

So this is the Deigo costume that my mom mostly made for Eli. I just did the detail stuff like the patch and the "rescue pack's" face. All of that I did with felt pieces. It turned out really good and Eli transformed into Deigo as soon as the zipper was zipped!

This is Lilly's smile when you say "Say Cheeeze!" Way to cheese it Lil!
And of course Eli's friends, Audrey and Macy! (I still claim that Eli and Macy are getting married!)
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October 29, 2008


This picture was obviously Christmas 3 years ago. It is amazing how small Eli is in this picture! He had just turned 1 a few days earlier! Crazy! And now I have another about the same age! I tag Jill, Diana, Misty, Kaela, Summer and Annie. Post your 4th picture from your 4th folder in your "my photos" and tell a little something about it.Posted by Picasa

Pumpkin Time!

We have kept many of our same traditions this year with Halloween. Another one being, painting our pumpkins. We, of course, had Eli's pal Macy over to paint with us. We had pipe cleaners, puff balls, eye balls and paint! They were so creative, it was fun to watch. (Except for when Macy tried to eat it! :) )

They seriously are so cute when they are together. I think they might hate us for trying to hook them up now but maybe not!! Eli will get home from his mission a little after Macy graduates highschool! (not that Ive thought about it or anything!)
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October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Walk

In Bainbridge Island, they have a pumpkin walk where they have hundreds of pumpkins along this trail in the trees and they are all lit up. We invited Eli's friend Macy (who he LOVES)! It was a little light out still but the trees helped darken it a little. Its a good thing we went earlier though because the parking and the lines to it were horrible when we were leaving!

They held hands almost the whole time. Macy had a death grip on Eli so he couldnt go wandering off. Thanks Mace!!
Lilly was a little tired through this whole thing but she was a trooper!
They had some little kid games throughout this thing. One of them being this hay maze. The kids had a ton of fun in it. Eli kept jumping out and screaming at me to scare me which is a game him and his daddy play frequently at home! What a blast!Posted by Picasa

Icky Carpet!

The kids have been sick for a few weeks now with coughs and I was beginning to wonder if maybe it was allergies...I was talking to one of my guests at work and she was talking about her daughter who has asthma and the things they needed to do to help her. One of which was to replace the carpet in their home. We decided to try it out in their room...
We were under the impression that the carpet was just layed down in there but come to find out, it wasnt which was fine but it was just a lot more work than we were expecting. We had a lot of fun with it.
The carpet was really damp and way too old to be in there. Underneath it was a thick layer of dirt! No wonder they are coughing and all congested when they get up in the morning! I feel so bad about it.
Beautiful wood floors underneath!!
Here it is pretty much finished! It looks and feels so much better in there. And with the air purifier in there, the air is cleaner and the kids sound so much healthier!!Posted by Picasa

October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

I dont know if you remember our pumpkin patch post from last year, but we went again. They have a bunch of activities for the kids there but the kids have so much fun running around that we decided to skip all that and explore the patch. Only this year we went a little earlier so there were actually pumpkins this time!
I have no idea what Eli does when we say smile but he does this funky pose and smiles! I guess whatever it takes right!?
Again with the pose- what is up with that!?
She actually was kinda grumpy when we went but Brant was behind me playing peek-a-boo! Again, whatever it takes!
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October 5, 2008

Night out with the Girls!

So I finally got to go out with the girls! Yes it is a bar but it was a pretty cool bar! I really didnt know what to expect, I was kinda thinking it would be like a restaurant with a bar but it was the other way around. It is called chopstix and it is pretty much a piano bar. Two people go up onto this mini stage and take requests and play your songs. It was so much fun and yes, I think I may have been the only sober person there! I went with the girls from work and Rachelle's mom, who was in town from Kansas.

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October 2, 2008


Lilly loves to hide! If its time to change a diaper, or get P.J.s on, she off to hiding! Luckily she is really not very good at it and I can find her easily but its still really cute. One of the places is in the kitchen. Especially when Im in there cooking! I have to say, "Where did Lilly go? I cant find her! Lilly, where are you?" She thinks its pretty funny! And, of course, so do I!

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Do the Puyallup

We love the Puyallup Fair! We have gone 5 years in a row now and plan on making it a tradition forever!
Lilly's favorite part was definitely the petting barn! She was going crazy in there! Petting every single animal in there. If you notice, there was this huge sheep in there that she just walked right up to and gave the biggest hug! Eli on the other hand would reach out most of the time and touch them for .2 seconds!

Eli's favorite part was seeing Tyrone and Pablo from the Backyardigans! He LOVES them! He was so excited to see them until he saw them! We got our pictures done and as you can see, definitely EXCITEMENT written all over his face! I get a little freaked out around people in big giant suits. Pablo kept touching me and Lilly and I wanted to hit him a little but witheld my anxiety! Eli didnt want to leave the tent and would have rather stood there and stared at them all day but life continued at the fair...
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Its good to have friends

We got to have Little Miss Audrey over one night to play. Apparently, she doesnt like to smile when the camera comes out. But Lilly on the other hand has no problem. What a ham!

Ahhh caught her when she wasnt paying attention. Theres a smile!! :)
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I love Luna!

New Mexico has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in my life!! This is all just one sunset when we got to Luna to see Brant's grandparents. Luna is an awesome place to be...a little piece of heaven on earth!

Horses roam free and they have pigs!! Eli couldnt have asked for anything more! He was in heaven

Grandma and Grandpa Snyder. We love you!!
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