October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Time!

We have kept many of our same traditions this year with Halloween. Another one being, painting our pumpkins. We, of course, had Eli's pal Macy over to paint with us. We had pipe cleaners, puff balls, eye balls and paint! They were so creative, it was fun to watch. (Except for when Macy tried to eat it! :) )

They seriously are so cute when they are together. I think they might hate us for trying to hook them up now but maybe not!! Eli will get home from his mission a little after Macy graduates highschool! (not that Ive thought about it or anything!)
Showing our pumpkins and flexing our muscles!!Posted by Picasa


Mechelle said...

how cute is that!

Life in the circus said...

Very cute! Maybe Eli will still like her later since he likes her now. She's so sweet :)