October 2, 2008

I love Luna!

New Mexico has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in my life!! This is all just one sunset when we got to Luna to see Brant's grandparents. Luna is an awesome place to be...a little piece of heaven on earth!

Horses roam free and they have pigs!! Eli couldnt have asked for anything more! He was in heaven

Grandma and Grandpa Snyder. We love you!!
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Mechelle said...

I'm with you there, I love Luna as well. It really is the greatest place on earth. So peaceful. I'm glad you agree.

I love Grandma and Grandpa!

Life in the circus said...

Yeah, Disney Land has NOTHING on Luna! I wish I could spend more time there. I miss grandma and grandpa. You have such a beautiful family!

Summer said...

those are nice pics. I like the header pic too.