July 4, 2011

Family Pics!

My sister in law did us the favor and took our family pictures. It had been 2 and a half years so it was about time! I am so grateful and love her for that! It am amazes me how fast time is flying and how big my little peeps are getting!

June 10, 2011

Eli's kindergarten graduation!

They performed some counting, ABC and some funny songs for all of us. So cute

Eli got to read his own paper that he wrote about his kindergarten experience

Eli's teacher Mrs. Bagala. She is THE BEST!!

The 4 of us

June 6, 2011

Chuck E Cheese!

Lilly had such a great birthday party this year. It was wonderful to have her friends from church come and celebrate with her. I didnt have to clean my house, cook or clean up!!! I love that place (and hate it all at the same time.)

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Lilly's 4th Birthday

I really dont know how this happened but 4 years has flown by! Lilly has gotten so big and has changed so much within the last 6 months, it amazes me everyday!

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November 29, 2009

For the love!

I love these sweet faces!
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My final for class

For my final at college, I had to create a magazine ad...My teacher is nowhere near specific so I have no idea if this is anything close to what she was asking but I guess I will find out this week!!
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November 12, 2009

Eli's sacrament talk

This was taken during a practice for the primary sacrament program last Sunday. He is so funny!! Hes a mumbler like his daddy!! Ill translate for you "Can I say brothers and sisters? Brothers and Sisters, Fathers preside over, provide for and protect the family. Mothers nurture the family......amen" Thanks Jenny for taping this for me!!