January 11, 2009

Brant visits the Broseph in Ohio!

Brant was really missing his brother so we sent him to Ohio to visit him. It was in between quarters so it was just what he needed to de-stress and have a little brother time. I was sad that I couldnt go but really happy that Brant was able to. This was in October but I think its better late than never!!

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Smashing Pumkins

While there in Ohio, Marc and Candace took Brant to a Smashing Pumpkins concert in Cleveland. He had never really been to a concert before but he liked it. I think his words were, "It was really cool. Way too loud, but cool"

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Happy New Year!

I havent gone outside to make noise at midnight on New Years Eve in YEARS! It was hilarious! And raining of course!
Um, so we ate a lot of stuff! I dont even know how we managed to play a game on this table!
We had my sis and her daughter come over New Years Eve! They got here at 10:15ish and we played games until midnight! We then didnt go to bed until 2:00! It was way fun!
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Merry Christmas!

The kids were so excited! Eli was especially. This was such a great age for Christmas! He left cookies out for Santa the night before and thats all he could talk about! He still does!

I LOVE this outfit! I told her to smile, this is what I got! Thanks Lil!
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Christmas Shopping!

Lilly came in the kitchen and plopped herself down on the floor to look through her Walmart ad. She stayed a long time on the baby doll page. It was so cute! I was happy that under the tree waited her little baby doll!!

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And we thought it was over!!

Eli was in heaven!

I finally was able to open the gate! Now you can really see how deep it got!
Our 7 foot snowman. I should have had Brant stand next to it for a size reference! hahaha
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January 4, 2009

Family Pics

I know this isnt the best quality of pictures but the actual ones look way better! My scanner wasnt working so I took pictures of the pictures! We went to Penny's for the first time for pictures. I wasnt overly impressed but its a good place to be able to just go and get some taken. I always like the outside ones better than the cheezy backdrops but they turned out pretty good!
The only real complaint that I have is this...If you have 2 small kids in a family, why in the world would you only take 4 pictures!? We didnt have too many to choose from for the family pictures but this was the only one that Eli didnt have his hand in his face!
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Our first snowfall...

We got all decked out and went and enjoyed our first snowfall. In Washington, we have learned that when it snows you go out as soon as you can because within a few hours it has turned to rain!! Little did we know that it was only the beginning and that we were headed for 13 inches!

Eli attack!!
Posted by PicasaLilly really hated everything about being outside! She hated the cold and she hated the snow. If you held her, she wouldnt whine but as soon as you put her down, it was over!

Happy Birthday Eli!

Eli turned 4 this year. I find it pretty amazing that I actually have a 4 year old. I feel bad that he has a Birthday so close to Christmas. I think he may get the shaft every year because of it. We try to have his party pretty early in the month so people can come but he was sick and then there was the snow the next week. Lets just say it was a pretty small party! Luckily he still doesnt know the difference!
We started singing and he kept telling us to be quiet! It was hilarious!

Totally LOVES Diego!
Posted by PicasaA Diego game, no way!!