April 28, 2009

Happy Easter!

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Oh the joys of Easter

I remember as a kid coloring Easter eggs. Eli had been asking for weeks when we were going to to eggs so we finally did and they loved it! I am all about simplicity when it comes to doing all these traditions with the kids so all we did was dye and stickers. Lilly loved putting them on as well and they had so much fun with it!

So I didnt notice her shirt until after I developed some of these! I swear my kids wear clean clothes but apparently we spilt some grape juice during dinner!
She was so proud!
And so was he!
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Coloring Eggs

Just a little video of the chaos of coloring eggs! Eli cracks me up!!

April 19, 2009

Britney Spears!!

Oh yes, I went to the Britney Spears concert!! It was a blast to take a night off and go out with the girls. I went with the girls from work and my BFF Abby (AKA Aberino)... The Pussycat Dolls opened up for Britney- they were awesome!! Britney of course, I dont think really actually sang but that girl can dance!! If only she liked wearing clothes! hahaha

More Portraits

These are some pictures I took of my great nieces! It makes me feel old saying that but its the fact of life!! My brother John has 2 girls that have cute little girls. The top one is my niece Emmalee's-her name is Gabriella and the one to the left of that is Lauren's- Kynnedy. Too adorable!

I miss you!

There are days when I really miss my dad. It is the most I have ever missed anyone before- To hear him talk and to hear him laugh for just a minute would be the best sound. Its been almost 6 years now since he left and I try so hard to keep the memories really close but I get scared that I will forget. That I will forget what he smelt like or the sound of his voice- The gospel is an amazing thing, I am so thankful that I will see him again!
I love these old pictures of my dad with his white chicken legs and big ole boots on! hahaha
This picture is such a perfect picture when I imagine what it will be like when we see eachother again! But in all white- he will probably have a missionary tag on then too! :)
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Pregnancy Portraits

I hope none of you thought I was pregnant!! This is my friend from work that let me do some portraits for her. I really have been wanting to work a little more with my camera and build up somewhat of a portfolio. It worked out for both of us!

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I have a friend who I have actually been searching for for 6 years. I met her in 4th grade and she is one of those friends that are instant. Your hearts will forever be tied together. We lost touch and for the longest time I looked, if anyone knew better, they might have titled it "stalked". But I was really worried about her and hoped I could somehow find her. Anyway, one day I finally did and I went to see her. Just me!! It was a fun 5 days with her to catch up and again find out that everything picks up where it leaves off for us.
I know all of those who have facebook have seen some of these pics but this seriously is the coolest art piece EVER! It is so huge- you can see a guy standing there next to it, he looks miniature!

Me and my friend Brooke at the Field Museum. We went and toured the "Aztec World" exhibit
Say Cheese!
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