October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Walk

In Bainbridge Island, they have a pumpkin walk where they have hundreds of pumpkins along this trail in the trees and they are all lit up. We invited Eli's friend Macy (who he LOVES)! It was a little light out still but the trees helped darken it a little. Its a good thing we went earlier though because the parking and the lines to it were horrible when we were leaving!

They held hands almost the whole time. Macy had a death grip on Eli so he couldnt go wandering off. Thanks Mace!!
Lilly was a little tired through this whole thing but she was a trooper!
They had some little kid games throughout this thing. One of them being this hay maze. The kids had a ton of fun in it. Eli kept jumping out and screaming at me to scare me which is a game him and his daddy play frequently at home! What a blast!Posted by Picasa


Life in the circus said...

It looks like fun! I'm always jealous of people who have seasons, especially fall. Enjoy.

Mechelle said...

Awe cute! Zach is going to the pumpkin patch today, I am sad I couldn't go too. I think he'll have fun. Looks like you all had fun too.

Beth said...

How fun! I had no idea they did that there! I'm going to have to check it out!

Alisha said...

you should look at this blog. I'm not a mom yet but I still love it!

Islandalli said...

Looks like TONS of fun. I want to go. Can you e-mail me details? Thanks!!!

Kaela said...

They look so cute together- SO sweet:)