June 28, 2009

Go WWU!!

Brant finished at Western Washington University!!! We drove up to Bellingham for his graduation ceremony- it is a relief that this part is over. Now on to the next- grad school!!
I let Eli borrow my point and shoot camera while I used my other one with the good zoom lens- these are some of the pictures that we ended up with. I do have to say- he's pretty good with a camera! :)

We had Brant's little sis and her hubby come up from Arizona for graduation. He was glad that they were able to come up. Thanks Lish- it means a lot!!
I am such a dork but I really think that this is a huge deal. I mean, its college!! Anyway, I got him the roses and that huge gigantic balloon while we were in Bellingham for the ceremony but the rest was waiting at home for him.
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Misty said...

that's awesome! congrats Brant on graduating!!!

Mechelle said...

cute pics, Eli takes after you. :)

word verification: liger - mix between a lion and a tiger (lol, good ol' ND)

briannewalsh said...

i wish i could have been there. we were actually planning on it, then a bunch of things happened all at once, so we weren't able to make it. :( hopefully next time. :)

Alisha said...

No problem! We'll come up anytime, we love you guys!

Summer said...

Congratulations Brant!

Kaela said...

Congratulations!!! I love how you celebrated! What a good wifie you are:)