November 7, 2007

Its so good to have friends

Audrey, Tyler and LillyAnne
These are Lilly's first friends. Last year we found out that all of the Young Mens Presidency had wives that were pregnant. We were a little nervous when the boys volunteered us to make Sunday dinners but we instantly became good friends. We had our babies all in the month of June. Lilly on the first, Audrey right in the middle and Tyler at the very end. This is the one of the first pictures we got with all of them after they were born. It was quite the event. How many adults does it take to get 3 babies to smile? Well, 6 wasnt quite enough...obviouslyPosted by Picasa


Mechelle said...

they are all so cute lucky Lilly

Summer said...

That's fun that they were all born in the same month. That's nice that Lilly already has two little baby friends. cute!