November 14, 2007

Bath night, Prepare to get drenched!

So, bath nights are pretty stressful on my part. Usually it begins with me starting the water in the big bathtub for Eli. I get him in and while thats filling up, I get Lilly's bathtub filled on the counter. I go get her in the tub and turn Eli's water off. I bathe her and then get her out, dried, and dressed. I then bathe Eli and get him out, dried and dressed. By this time, I need a shower because Im drenched and sweaty!

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Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

Awesome bath hair-do's too:) Sounds like a big water party- you should wear a swimsuit next time! I love all the updates on your blog... the slide shows, and the thankful's, etc.!!

Kennedy musings said...

they do look like little mini's of you guys! Crazy..
Thanks for letting me know about your blog, I'm so excited to read more!!
Love you-Court

Mechelle said...

Bathtime is always fun anyway I fixed it so you and anyboby else should be able to see my blog.

Candace said...

ok, in the first picture lillianne looks just like eli did when he was that tiny-ish. the second one she looks like she's got jack nicholson hair like on the cover of that one movie where he rides around in an RV....then the first one of eli he looks so much like you at that angle, and then the last one of him he looks like brant again. so at certain angles he looks like you, too. but o man do you two have the cutest babies EVER. miss y'all!

Misty said... should do Eli's hair like that more often! =)