September 24, 2008

Arizona with the cousins

This was hiliarious to watch. This is our niece Taren. They definitely had a love/hate relationship! She is about a year older than Lil but the same size! They were cute!

I say make a face and this is what I get...That is Aura Lee, Zach and Kaleb.
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Life in the circus said...

FINALLY! Ive been checking EVERY DAY to see if you would post. :) It was so great to see all of you, even if it wasnt for very long. I sure miss you guys! Taryn still recognizes Lilly from her pictures. Its fun to see, and Im sure they will just LOVE each other when they are older.

candace said...

gaaah! so adorable i can hardly stand it!!!

maddie's momma said...

Its about time you get some new pics of the kiddo's up... see you soon girlie!