October 7, 2009

Seattle Aquarium

For our last outing before Eli and I started school, we took the kids to the aquarium. Its a pretty small one but they have a lot of touch areas which the kids didnt really like! They got a little freaked out by it but they loved looking at everything. They had seals, otters, a ton of birds and fish. They have done quite a bit to that place since I had been there last- it was a ton of fun!

Can you believe how tall these kids are! It amazes me that Eli is almost 4 feet tall!!
This lasted a whole 2 minutes for Lilly and about 20 minutes for Eli! They looked like a blob of blue when we got home!
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Misty said...

your kids are getting so big!!!

Life in the circus said...

I hope there are fun places like this to take my kids to where we are moving.

Mechelle said...

cool stuff. what are you going back to school for?

lazyunder said...

you guys have great looking kids.