October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Brant!!

Seeing as how Brant's Bday was in AUGUST!! I thought I would finally post it! I had been at Girls Camp all week before his birthday but left early so that I could make it for at least the last half of it!! I didnt feel right leaving the kids out of it since I had been gone all week so because Brant is such an awesome dad, he chose Chuck E Cheese!! One of Eli's most favorite places on earth! They had a blast!!

Then of course, we went a few blocks over to DQ!! I think the kids really died and went to heaven!! Chuck E Cheese and DQ all in one day!?

You cant go wrong with $1.50 ice cream sundaes!!
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Life in the circus said...

SO CUTE!!!! I just want to squeeze them!

Happy Birthday Bear!

Mechelle said...

yumm! Pizza and ice cream all in one day, plus playing, and hanging out with mommy and daddy is a kids dream come true. What a great daddy he is!

Happy late birthday Bear Brant!

Alisha said...

Eli has such a cute little personality! These are great pictures!