April 19, 2009

I miss you!

There are days when I really miss my dad. It is the most I have ever missed anyone before- To hear him talk and to hear him laugh for just a minute would be the best sound. Its been almost 6 years now since he left and I try so hard to keep the memories really close but I get scared that I will forget. That I will forget what he smelt like or the sound of his voice- The gospel is an amazing thing, I am so thankful that I will see him again!
I love these old pictures of my dad with his white chicken legs and big ole boots on! hahaha
This picture is such a perfect picture when I imagine what it will be like when we see eachother again! But in all white- he will probably have a missionary tag on then too! :)
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Summer said...

I liked seeing those pictures. I've never seen young ones of your dad before. That was fun to see your mom too!
I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a parent. It just feels like they'll always be there.
I'm grateful for the gospel too. I don't know how people cope with losing a loved one otherwise

Mechelle said...

your dad is awesome! I bet you really miss him. I will always remember our conversation on the way to the airport. He was inspired. :)

Kaela said...

I looooove this post!! I will never forget your kind sweet dad and the regard your family and everyone that knew him had for him!!! I love the old pictures of him too! I still SOOOO feel for you and am so thankful for the gospel and the perspective it gives us all:)