April 19, 2009


I have a friend who I have actually been searching for for 6 years. I met her in 4th grade and she is one of those friends that are instant. Your hearts will forever be tied together. We lost touch and for the longest time I looked, if anyone knew better, they might have titled it "stalked". But I was really worried about her and hoped I could somehow find her. Anyway, one day I finally did and I went to see her. Just me!! It was a fun 5 days with her to catch up and again find out that everything picks up where it leaves off for us.
I know all of those who have facebook have seen some of these pics but this seriously is the coolest art piece EVER! It is so huge- you can see a guy standing there next to it, he looks miniature!

Me and my friend Brooke at the Field Museum. We went and toured the "Aztec World" exhibit
Say Cheese!
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Summer said...

oh wow! how is brooke doing? She looks so different! that's so neat you could find her and then go see her.