April 18, 2008

Friends Forever

It is amazing to me that you can be close to somebody for so long. I have known Annie Wells my whole life and now we are married and are having babies! Its crazy! Our kids will be forever friends because knowing Annie has been the greatest and Lilly being friends with Elaine will be too!
Why am I so much bigger than her?
The girls!
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Kaela said...

What a sweet post! It is crazy to see your babies together and think back to how long we have all known eachother. Your baby girls are oh so cute:)

Jan said...

What cute girls! All 4 of you!

Summer said...

Oh hahahha I was confused there for a moment..I thought "What! you're this far pregnant again and you didn't even tell me!" hahahhahhaha typical me right. haha
That was a fun post.

Annie said...

We sure have cute girls! Thanks for posting the pictures!