March 24, 2008

Playmate, come out and play with me

We finally got the kids together again. It had been a while but they had fun together. We are amazed at how big they are which made us think back to when the 3 of us were pregnant. It goes so fast. The girls are VERY mobile now and Tyler is ever so content playing alone. Oh how I wish I had that!!
They are so cute!!
The girls- Lilly and Audrey
Ty was very curious as to why these 2 things on Lilly's face kept opening and closing. "Hello, those are my eyes!!"
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Misty said...

fun post. you'll have to email those pictures...or something. especially the one where tyler has his know where! =)

Mechelle said...

so cute! She is getting so big, and how lucky to have friends her age already.