December 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Eli!!

Eli's Birthday is actually on the 22nd but we decided to have it on the 2nd instead. We dont have any signs of Christmas in our house yet so it could really feel like a Birthday party. We had some family over for dinner and cake. I had a scare that morning when we woke up to it dumping snow outside! It finally started raining as it usually does after our snowfalls but then it turned into a brutal windstorm. I took Eli out of nursery early so we could go home and get dinner going. I was putting him into the car when the wind started blowing my skirt everywhere! Im sure everyone got a great view. I was getting frustrated with Eli since he was taking his sweet time getting into his carseat so I snapped at him -he started crying. All this was happening while the wind still was blowing my skirt! Oh did I mention we got the closest parking spot to the church! All of the sudden Eli starts throwing up! EVERYWHERE! I didnt know what to do! Is this really happening? Of course he was fine after but could anything else happen? Luckily the power stayed on!
Im 3 years old! Well, not technically
Its crazy the difference between 2 and 3 years old. Eli blew out his candles all by himself this year!
We got some books, Mr. Potato Head, P.J.s, Playdoe and some Little Einstein stuff!
Me, my sister Melenda and her daughter Brittney. They are so much fun!Posted by Picasa


Mechelle said...

well happy early birthday Eli!! I hope other than the begining of the day that you all enjoyed the rest of it. The wind and cold and the trowing up and the skirt everywhere, just doesn't sound like to much fun, but the b-day party does :)

Kaela said...

That would be tough having a birthday so close to Christmas. I like your solution though! He is growing up so fast. It's good to see Melenda and her daughter!

Annie said...

don't know if you have been tagged, but now you have... See my blog for instructions (I can't believe how big Eli is getting! They grow so fast!)

Summer said...

Some of those pictures are funny when he's blowing the candle.
I heard about the windstorm and weather up there. That is so weird! Don't drive into a caved in road!