December 4, 2007

2 New Milestones!

I dont know what it is about this kid. Eli was still rolling at his first Birthday so it is so much different to me to have a kid who cant and wont just sit still! As you can see, she is trying really hard to get on her hands and knees! Her belly has been leaving the floor quite often and it is making me really nervous. Im definitely not encouraging this one!
Our newest thing as of the end of November is sitting up. She loves to be able to sit there and get a new view of things. She occasionally falls over but its one of those slow motion things so she doesnt slam her head into the ground anymore- thank goodness!
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Mechelle said...

they do say boys are a little slower than girls, so it may be proving to be true with LillyAnn

Kaela said...

Watch out mama! Looks like she is going to keep you busy:)

Misty said...

Man, Tyler is slow! =) But, we don't mind. The less mobile he is the better for now. What a cutie she is!

Summer said...

She looks cute! How old is she now?